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Amsterdam is the perfect European city to visit because we had a few days and I had a promise to visit a friend from college. The main museums, the canals and parks,some trendy restaurants and simply enjoy this European experience. With two or three days in Amsterdam, it is enough  time to see the must-see sites and still have plenty of time to wander the canals and charming city streets.



It had been a while since I had promised to visit my friend in Amsterdam. The idea was in my mind for a while. I was looking for cheap flights to pay the visit that I promised. The day came I found a cheap flight and I purchased it. After that I told my wife that we are gonna go to Amsterdam. Prepare yourself! Well sometimes you need to push some things in life otherwise it is like it will never happen. I purchased the tickets so that we had to go there.  She got worried a bit about scheduling the vacations and stuff. But at the end of this quick journey and we were quite happy with the experience we had.



You know there are some friends whenever you meet you can continue talking in the same way or in the same mood wherever you left the conversation or the thing you were talking about. Yeah he is one of them.



“Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul”

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