Portugal ~ Street Photography | Urban Photography ~ Tuna Akkoyunlu
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A missed flight… plan changes… paying a visit to a friend… good foods and wine… a lesson learned, 

We started this journey with some flight problems. First the flight company changed our Porto direct flight to a connected Lisbon flight. On top of that due to the weather conditions we missed that connected flight in Lisbon to go to Porto. Well, shit happens, this time it happened in a row. We had more than 8 hours in Lisbon which were not in our plan.

We had to change the plan according to the conditions and the worst part was we were not able to compensate for the time we should have had in Porto.


Porto, Lisbon and Sintra



Porto’s beauty can be seen everywhere from the tiled buildings, to massive bridges, and lively streets. It really has its own style. Most churches in Porto are covered in beautiful blue painted tiles and we were not expecting to be that beautiful. 

Actually the hills of Porto were a great workout for us and as a result of time constraints, we were fortunate enough to see the things in our checklist. 


A church covered with blue painted tiles



I knew very little about Lisbon but Porto and what a chance that we could not have that much time in Porto as we planned. But anyways it is not important normally before going somewhere my wife does more research than me about the place. Because I like leaving some things as a surprise. Also I photograph around while she is talking in the background. About Portugal, I expected a country rich in culture, picturesque in many diverse ways and actually I found it in Lisbon and Porto. The weather was rainy almost all the time but I used it as a decoration while photographing around.


Belém Tower



We had a feeling like we were stepping into a fairy tale (foggy one). Time is totally of the essence when you explore this region. I loved the day I spent there and wish we’d had time to stay longer. Well sometimes we don’t have more options rather than obeying to the chance.





Castelo dos Mouros


I am not a person like Pollyanna but in the end of the trip I told my wife that if we did not have the problem with the flight at the beginning of our journey we would not be able to do things on our list. Normally we made a good plan but this time we failed but somehow we managed it. The lesson was learned about how to have a flexible itinerary and more.



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