The Netherlands ~ Tuna Akkoyunlu
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I have a friend whose name is Ogün. We have known each other since the preparation school at collage. I remember I had a few friends while studying Economics and when I graduated from University I had the same people who I can call them as friend. I am not anti-social actually I can say that I am selectively social or I am anti-idiot. (Yeah it sounds better and clear)


While I was doing my military service in Istanbul in between the last quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014. I visited him at least 1 time every month. One day he told me that he found a position in Amsterdam office in the company he was working. I freaked out I was really happy for him and I remember the first thing I told to him that I was very happy for him I wish he would get the job. ( I was sure that he would) ..and he got the job. Before he moved from Turkey I promised him that I was gonna visit him one day.


Years after years at last I did it in 2018. Well it was not the purpose of my life of course but you know it was a promise given.


You know there are some friends whenever you meet you can continue talking in the same way or in the same mood wherever you left the subject or the thing you were talking about. Yeah he is one of them.


One day I came up with some tickets and said to my wife that I purchased some tickets from Vueling and We would have a travel to Netherlands. She got worried a bit about scheduling the vacations and stuff but in the end of this quick journey we were quite happy with the experience we had.


“Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul”

Photography, Travel