Ori vs The World ~ Tuna Akkoyunlu
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Ori vs The World

This is Ori. 3 years ago a group of volunteers who help street dogs rescued him from a garbage. They helped him for his recovery of fever and to find a home. I bumped into a photograph of him and contacted them to adopt him. And then the our adventure has begun. Although the intention was to help him, he reminded them a lot about the importance of life.


We accepted him the way he is and we struggled some problems of him. Some of them were solved, with the rest of it we got used to how to live with it.


We taught him how to be patient, also we have learned how to be patient. When we look back we can see a huge courage and a survivability inside that dog.


We moved from Turkey to Spain and of course he came that 4.286,0 km with us. I dealt with some bureaucratic documents and many prosedures to bring him. We dont forget that we are a pack, neither does him.


What is that following video?! It is coming soon…
















Photography, Story, Videography