Tuna Akkoyunlu | Photography and Videography Projects
Tuna Akkoyunlu. Hakkımda sayfası. About Me Page. Pagina de Sobre Mi.
Hakkımda. About Me. Sobre Mi.
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I graduated from Gazi University in Ankara in Economics. I started with photography at university in 2004. At the time, I was taking photos for music bands and some school projects. When DSLR cameras were merged with video recording, I started to be interested in making videos(2012). 


After graduating I worked as an economist for four years. And then I accomplished the military service duty. 


Nowadays, I work in an international company and I am a Barcelona based enthusiast (since 2016), taking photos and working on videography projects in my spare time.

All the photos have been taken at different locations around the world and edited by me
at 41.3851° N, 2.1734° E